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IT Services & Consulting

Our strategies that drive business growth of our esteemed clientele

Our customer tailored approach help their businesses in better understanding on next generation technologies, while adhering to agile principles and take strategic approach in adopting various tools and methodologies.

Using a pragmatic approach we help our customer teams in Assessing, defining, designing and executing strategies which optimize their costs as well as quality as per the defined standards.

Our IT consulting expertise is an enabler in

Growing our customer’s businesses

  • Constantly enforcing for digital transformation
  • Develop innovative strategies & solutions
  • Drive the technology investments to competitive advantage.

Running our customer’s Businesses

  • Enforce the adoption of agile mind-set
  • Push for continuous Integration (CI)
  • Execution
  • Deployment

Our IT Consulting team takes into consideration of customer’s transformation journey with respect to the current trend of Cloud, data, Internet of Things [IOT], Artificial Intelligence [AI] & Machine learning to effectively harness the power of Digital Transformation.

Our services in Application Development and Application maintenance can help various businesses achieve competitive edge.

Sonicsoft’s structured approach on Information Technology consulting includes:

  • Understanding our customer’s vision and strategic imperatives by constantly intertwining with our customer’s business teams and SMEs.
  • Understanding the existing state of current model followed
  • Identification ofthe gaps if any, and recommend the remediation approach by conducting workshops with SMEs.
  • Ideating with process SMEs to define and developour customer’s IT strategy.

IT Services – What we do differently?

Niche technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation are impacting various enterprise business models as well as their inherent IT landscapes. This is resulting into finding various innovative ways for competitive advantage and growth by leveraging these innovations.

Sonicsoft’s IT services and consulting model help various business enterprises and organizations:

  • Better understand niche technologies
  • Deploy Agile design principles into practice
  • Take a strategic approach while adopting relevant tools and associated methodologies.

Using a pragmatic approach, we help various enterprises define, design and execute strategies that not only optimize associated costs but also bring the desired quality. Following are few of our services which are helping our esteemed clientele in transformation of their businesses.

Digital Services

Other Services

  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Business Process Management [BPM]
  • Application Managed Services [End to end managed services, application modernization, Business aligned IT services, Devops]
  • Open Source Packaged Solutions
  • Product Development
  • QA Services

Domain Specific Algorithms

Few of our industry specific Algorithms which are the game changers across the domains.

Virtual Learning Management System

A comprehensive Blooms taxonomy based learning platform with psychometric analysis and adaptive learning. Any institution, organization / enterprise/corporate can get benefitted with this 4 quadrant based learning (viz. video, text, FAQ & assessment) algorithm

Comprehensive Online Examination System
  • Examination slot management
  • Time bound & Internet independent examination
  • Randomized question mapping using blooms taxonomy
AI based Identification Management System

Artificial Intelligence driven Mobile based Identification Management system to identify and manage it's resources. This can be used by any organization / enterprise/ government department to identify the resource

Smart Campus Management

A comprehensive solution designed for education institutions for managing student life cycle management system, Target driven indicators for faculty & students.

Smart Work

Comprehensive package for any organization to define Key performance indicators (KPIs), monitoring, video calling feature along with Geo tagging based identification system.

Other Unique Algorithms
  • Water pump automation
  • Street light automation
  • End point management System
  • IOT based fleet management System

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